The Regional Council has entrusted Sviluppumbria with the Development Program 2016-2020 – “InnetworkERDF ROP UMBRIA 2014- 2020 Axis I Actions 1.1.1 and 1.2.1, to contribute to the creation of an environment conductive to the innovation of the Umbrian regional system, through participation in platforms and networks of technological specialization.

In order to develop an ecosystem able to promote and strengthen interregional cooperation in areas of research and innovation and to favour the application of the achieved results, maximizing their impact on the economic-productive system, it is necessary to systematize and valorise the regional clusters to stimulate their growth with a view to extra-regional and trans-sectoral cooperation.

On the basis of these considerations Sviluppumbria through the Innetwork Project will carry out actions to:

  • Support and accompany networking at both national and international levels for technology transfer and the development of operational partnerships among companies, research centres, academic spin-offs, etc.;
  • Support and link with national and European production chains and regional research by providing information relative to the implementation of national and EU programmes;
  • Support activities to foster networks of expertise and innovation in an interregional context of innovation regarding territorial specializations, includin through the role that will be played with an operational participation in the National Technological Clusters (Intelligent Factory and Smart Communities);
  • Provide information and communication to Umbrian companies, in order to create awareness and involve Umbrian economic actors on innovation issues, including those promoted by the National Technological Clusters;
  • Organise seminars for companies and targeted groups of companies on specific topics of particular interest concerning RIS III;
  • Technology brokerage actions to support companies and the knowledge system in the technology transfer process and to identify technological partnerships.